Médecine Esthétique

Dedicated to the most mature skin or to those which needs a superior renewal. The specific product formula allows use during the summer without photosensitive danger.

€ 100,00

Delicate injections into the skin surface areas with nourishing and deeply moisturizing substances. Ideal for keeping the facial, neck or decolleté skin young and contrasting the damage caused by the sun.

One area € 70,00 - two € 120,00 - three € 160,00

This high-quality substances cocktail is profoundly nourishing and stimulating the production of a young tissue. It is injected with very thin and painless needles.

One area € 150,00 - two 270,00 - three 400,00

Exfoliation and nourishment. The best solution for the uniform tanning without any damage.

One area € 100,00 - two € 150,00 - three € 190,00

Injections of natural hyaluronic acid focused on restoring of the face volumes, correcting its imperfections, and to obtain more sensual and voluminous lips.

Single Phial € 300,00 - Second Phial € 200,00

A more deep and durable filler for more important volumes. The implant allows simultaneous biostimulationwith the production of new collagen by the tissues.

Single Phial € 400,00 - Second Phial € 320,00

Botulinum toxin, injected into the face muscles, relaxes them and attenuates wrinkles and expression signs making the face younger in a natural way.

From € 300,00 (single pack)

Full restyling for a refreshed face and...money saving.

€ 560,00

A new technique for relaxing and rejuvenating the facial, neck and dècollté micro musculature. Consists in the introduction into the intermediate dermis layer of a high-quality revitalize substances cocktail (hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides, amino acids, vitamins) plus a minimum amount of botox (Botulinum toxin). The treatment improves the faint skin roughness, the mandibular line sagging, the wrinkles and the neck relaxation in a gentle, safe and effective way donating a natural and long-lasting look.

€ 390,00

Polydioxanone thin wire plant (PDO). This material, already used in surgery as suture wires, is fully bioabsorbable and antimicrobial. Provides effective support, such as a network, to the collapsed skin and connective structures with soft lifting effect. It donates to the skin and tissues rejuvenation and regenerates its turgescence. The thread's lingering for a few months stimulates endogenous collagen production.

From € 300,00 (twenty threads)

Enhanced integration for cutaneous and subcutaneous effective and progressive rejuvenation.

€ 400,00

Polydioxanone (PDO) wires with spine characteristics to hook the tissue. With these wires you can make one mini-invasive suspension surgery, a treatment that allows lifting and repositioning of the tissues with superior shaping.

From €400,00 (four threads)

Forfaits Thermaux

Day Spa


75,00 €

Health Legs

Details 595,00 €

Sun Spa

Details 100,00 €

Sea Spa

Details 175,00 €

Cellulite Stop

Details 415,00 €

Perfect Balance

Details 335,00 €

Soins Visage Professionnel

Details 280,00 €

Deep Mind

Details 245,00 €

At The Mirror

Details 140,00 €

Se Soigner Aux Thermes

Details 300,00 €

Angel's Skin

Details 115,00 €

Jambes Saines

Details 200,00 €


Details 150,00 €

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